Family Constellations

Family Constellations

Family Constellations Izak Barnard Life Coach Wilderness

Family Constellations, can help you deal with:

• Emotional stress and painful situations
• Problems in relationships; an inability to connect
• Difficulties in finding a partner and developing positive relationships
• Health issues
• Failure to achieve personal goals
• Career problems
• Finances
• A constant sense of not “belonging”

Have you ever felt that no matter how much you try to resolve some issues, nothing seems to change? Or have you ever felt that some “strange” negative patterns in your personal and professional relationships keep repeating themselves?

Family Constellations can help you identify and change what’s behind these patterns, by gently uncovering hidden dynamics in families or relationships, and revealing unconscious blocks/burdens that we often carry for other family members.

The philosophy behind Family Constellations:

Painful events occur in all families – divorce, early deaths, adoptions, miscarriages, suicide, abortions, violence, addictions, wars, crime etc. These often cause family members to become “entangled” with one another – with one member unconsciously carrying burdens on behalf of another. This can manifest as emotional challenges, difficult relationships and a range of other negative life patterns.

What happens in a workshop?

People attend with particular issues they want to resolve. The client selects representatives for relevant members of his/her family from the participants and places them on the floor in relationship to each other, based on how “right it feels”. Once these people are “set,” by some yet unexplained mechanism, they begin to experience the feelings and sensations of the persons they represent and act as a “3 D map” of the family system.

A clear picture emerges of what is (really) going on in the client’s family/issue. The facilitator will ask questions, suggest trial statements (called “healing sentences” by Hellinger), and reposition representatives. This helps to re-establish natural orders of supporting love and energy flow in the client’s family system.

What can you expect from a workshop?

You can:
“do your own constellation”, ie work with you own issue while observing from the side;
“serve as a representative” – you may be asked to “represent” some family member of those doing their constellations (you may always refuse if it does not feel comfortable for you);
just observe to find out if this method is right for you;

Training or previous experience is NOT required; anyone can be a representative!
To prepare for a workshop:

If you are doing your own constellation, try to have some historical/factual information about your family, including parents, siblings (including miscarriages, stillborn and aborted children), uncles, aunts, grandparents and in some cases great-grandparents. Information about any dramatic events in the family history is usually important.

Interesting fact: South Africa played an important role in development of this method as Germany’s Dr Bert Hellinger (PhD Psychotherapy), spent 16 years in South Africa as a Catholic missionary with Zulu tribes, where he observed and learnt “the natural wisdom and orders of family systems”. (The word “Constellations” refer to finding and fitting into our rightful place in the family system).

If you feel uncomfortable in a group setting ?
Or you live far- far away ?

I also do 1 on 1 Family Constellations, in person or via Zoom.  Please contact me for further details.

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